Walk-in Door Restoration

Avoid the cost of replacing...

Energy Reclaim, Inc. provides ultimate restoration service for commercial walk-in doors. Our 30+ years of experience equip us with skills and ingenuity to restore doors severely damaged by years of operation. ER technicians extend the life of your door by applying our Z & J galvanized steel material on visible wear areas.

Step Guards

Customers and store employees regularly step on the threshold of a glass door jamb to reach high shelves. This damages the gasket and the bottom frame.  Our heavy duty aluminum step guards are mounted over the bottom jamb, gasket, and retainer.  This will assure long lasting protection to gaskets and frames.   If only the bottom part of the jamb gasket has been damaged, we will replace the bottom section rather than the whole gasket.


Inside and outside step guards... 

Outside Impact Block

The outside impact block protects the latch from damage 

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Inside Impact Block

The inside impact block protects the inside release from damage