For over 40 years, the staff at Energy Reclaim has been servicing the Grocery and Convenience Store Industry

Years of problem solving for our stores gave us insight to improve the products we were repairing.  In 1999, we started crafting our own designs. 

We currently manufacture our patented cooler and freezer doors.  We also manufacture door frames, thresholds, glass door replacement gaskets, and other related hardware.

Dedicated to quality

Since 1980, the owners of Energy Reclaim, Inc. have been reclaiming energy by providing cold door repair and replacement services for convenience stores, mid-sized markets, and large supermarkets. Our experience uniquely equips us to repair doors and boxes that others can only replace. Our technicians repair typical wear and tear of walk-in and reach-in doors, which saves you money and extends the life of your equipment. If the repairs are too extreme, we can replace doors, jambs, and thresholds.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee